What the judges are looking for

Here are a bunch of quotes from our jury that give you an insight into the types of things they are looking for when they are judging your entries.

“I’m looking for inspiring, authentic stories told well… and I want to know what happened next. I want to feel energised by the creativity, ideation and execution of the campaign and that sense of pride in a measurable outcome.”

John Thompson, head of communications, Actis

“I’ll be looking for a campaign which sets out to genuinely make a difference, and can provide evidence that it made the world a better place. Make me proud to be in PR, don’t give me spin. And don’t overcomplicate things – if it’s easy to explain, that probably means it’s a strong campaign.”

Rebecca Taylor-Cottle, head of communications, Northern Europe & South Africa, Citrix

“I would like to see entries that demonstrate how organisations are using effective communications to demonstrate their ESG goals and achievements to their wider stakeholders, in an engaging and informative way, which stands them apart from their peers.”

Paul Lawler, group head of communications, Bellway Homes

"I want three things from an award-winning campaign: 1. A solid understanding of the scale of the problem and what you are trying to achieve. 2. A beautifully simple, effective idea at its heart and 3. Proof that it had an impact."

Chris Blackwood, partner, Third City

“The thread that runs through the work is critical with ESG challenges. What data is informing the business need, the strategy and the ideas? What was the work and what difference has it really made? How has this impacted, changed or even instigated overall business strategy? And above all, what evidence do we have to show for that?”

Steve Earl, partner, BOLDT

"The winning report will be the one that illustrates best practices so eloquently we should all be asking, why haven't we done that?"

Clive Booth, founder, The ESG Foundation

“Evidence of action and real-world outcomes that have impact on delivery of the SDGs and that use recognised metrics and verification to indicate that impact. Also clever use of insights and creativity to engage often hard to reach audiences on sustainability issues.”

Chris Pratt, managing director, Better Impact, Hill+Knowlton Strategies

"I will be looking for creativity of solutions and campaigns that are strongly connected to the organisation’s business or sector and are clearly achieving target metrics for the appropriate SDG."

Sian Boisseau, corporate communications (EMEA), Santen

“I’m looking for brave work that not only aligns to the UN SDGs, but that has driven meaningful business and behaviour change by the organisations entering. This cannot be about virtue signalling, but also don’t confuse big budget campaigns as being more impactful than small community based actions. All entries are worthy based on their individual merits and impact.”

Charlotte West, executive director, global corporate communications, Lenovo

“I am looking for work that is industry defining. If it can achieve this, then it will be making a difference, and demonstrating tangible, measurable impact.”

Giles Peddy, ceo, Missive

“ESG is everywhere and that means it’s often hard to see the wood for the trees. As such, I’m looking for entries that fully embrace ESG as part of a long-term strategic business priority, in whatever form that takes, and is not just a PR ‘tactic’ done to generate short term media coverage.”

Victoria Cross, managing partner, Instinctif Partners

"I'm looking to see entries that demonstrate a commitment to long term positive impact and meaningful change that is linked to core business and tangible measurement. I'd love to see organisations who step up to use their voice, creativity, and ingenuity beyond PR, as a call to action to educate, engage and inspire their audiences and ecosystem."

Louisa Harris, head of ESG, Brandpie

“I’ll be on the lookout for an approach that combines credible reporting with outstanding storytelling, delivered in a way that demonstrates clearly what ESG means to the organisation. Alignment to a single SDG is one part of the story, so it’ll be really important that entries can stand up to wider scrutiny too.”

Luke Cross, director (London), Social

"Businesses have a key role to play in creating a more equitable and sustainable world. It is also a role that is inextricably linked to their licence to operate and the expectations of investors and consumers. I'll be looking for entries that are authentic and bold in their approach to tackling some of society's biggest challenges and delivering real and measurable change where it matters."

Bieneosa Ebite, head of corporate communications, Centrica

"I’ll be looking for entries that have been brave. The companies and organisations who didn’t have all the answers but challenged themselves and others to find ways forward for the greater good."